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Tax Compliance and Planning

Tax laws have changed at a quicker pace recently.

Tax Compliance and Planning

  • Income and Estate Tax
  • Transactional Tax ( Sales, Use,  Utility Tax)

With major tax laws signed in the last few years and what appears to be new tax laws on the horizon, we can advise you on the significant changes to tax matters which can help you save or defer tax costs.  Also, we have significant experience in utility and other transactional taxes (some of the most complex taxes in our country) in most jurisdictions.

Remaining accurate in a increasingly evolving tax environment is challenging.  We remain current on tax developments and quickly advise the impact of such changes to our clients.

Additionally, we see too often in our industry, professionals taking the path of least resistance and procrastination which doesn’t leave time or give enough information to taxpayers to digest and understand their filings.  We stay on top of the filings and follow through to complete the filings timely and without drama.

There aren’t as many publications discussing sales or transactional tax as there are for income tax. And when there is, it’s not easy to find.  We believe that experience in these tax matters as a building block.

Sales tax (and similar transactional taxes) regulations have their own set of exemptions (either product or services and purchasers) which vary by state, or within the same state but for a different tax.  For example, Pennsylvania will exempt certain purchasers of electricity from sales tax, but there are no exemptions for their gross receipts tax.

We help our clients, some of which are electricity and natural gas providers, who are subject to a labyrinth of taxes across jurisdictions, to navigate through their filings and compliance requirements through hundreds of state and local jurisdictions.

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